dkl speaks on and writes about the decision-making collateral that he has created

The Decision-Making Pyramid was written to help business people to be more effective and systematic in their decision-making. Reasoned self-confidence reduces stress.

Decisions drive the people that drive organisations. The keynote speeches, facilitated meetings and on-line programmes for groups will raise your decision-making game.


The business day begins with a decision about what to do, and ends with a decision about when to stop.

It usually functions with a business model that is in perpetual need of tuning or, at worst, needs changing. It will sit in a permanently changing market. There will be plans, values, dominant personalities, followers, accomplished practitioners, and learners. There will be shareholders, lenders, and debtors.

This complex porridge needs to be stirred to create a balance between sustainability and growth.

The decisions taken will determine whether the business has a good day or a bad day.

dkl can help you to take a systematic approach to your next set of decisions.

Make yours the best that they can be.