dkl speaks on and writes about the decision-making collateral that he has created

The Decision-Making Pyramid was written to help business people to be more effective and systematic in their decision-making. Reasoned self-confidence reduces stress.

Decisions drive the people that drive organisations. The keynote speeches, facilitated meetings and on-line programmes for groups will raise your decision-making game.


Life is the business of fulfilling yourself. Having a sense of well-being in yourself, your family and society at large is beneficial and empowering. However, very often, the disciplines that apply in work are lost in the hubris of life. Being comfortable around decision-making at a personal level not only enhances personal life, it plays it effectiveness in the work place.

dkl has material and processes that can lift your decision-making ability, and help you develop the reasoned self-confidence that reduces stress. This makes for better decisions and more effectiveness in their implementation.