dkl speaks on and writes about the decision-making collateral that he has created

The Decision-Making Pyramid was written to help business people to be more effective and systematic in their decision-making. Reasoned self-confidence reduces stress.

Decisions drive the people that drive organisations. The keynote speeches, facilitated meetings and on-line programmes for groups will raise your decision-making game.

Public Sector

The public sector faces all the problems that business has with the addition of the multi-layered complexity that comes from its stakeholder interests and organisations. Unlike business, it cannot go bankrupt and restart from nothing. It always carries its baggage and finds pruning difficult.

However, within the public sector many decisions are made by groups with delegated powers. When these groups take a systematic approach to decision-making there is an audit trail which makes well-made decisions difficult to dismantle in the face of political pressure.

dkl can help you to take a systematic approach to your next set of decisions.